Cafe Caiscais Cann Hall Road London

From: Alpter
Category: Other stuff
Date: 14 November 2001


What a place to find on the interminable Cann Hall Road. A genuine slice of Portuguese England. This is the best chips-style Cafe I have ever been to in London. Wood lined walls with old tourist posters for Portugal, a thick fug of smoke, and families, and workers, and lonely people all crammed in to the single room with its slow closing front door.

A steak egg and chips: 4.25, the chips french thin and well fried, and the egg perfect on top of the old fashioned thin piece of steak. Great Cafe Latte and Espresso, moist and well spiced Piri Piri Chicken, some quails waiting in the display cabinet at the back.

No hurry, only worry not being or speaking Portuguese. Caiscasis is open into the evening, going is like being on holiday. Have a custard tart or coconut cake, not because you're greedy but beacause they're good. All the fried stuff cheap and done well, and also loads of Portuguese dishes which I haven't had but will. I can't believe it exists in horrible old London. Something nice and cheap.

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