Gestations, Hotel d' Albret, 31rue Francs_Bourgeois, Paris 4e  til 18 November

From: Remi
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 15 November 2001


Outside this photo exhibition is a permanent sculpture painted in red, white and blue. Blue is one of the dominant colours in this show due to the proliferation of swimming pools. Some with steam and some without. Then some with the water drained out. Glimpse friends, couples, lovers and families basking in the sun. Then there are horses caught by the lense. They happily cross portraits of swimmers.

Two sofas face back to front precisely in the room's centre.

Check out the sliding doors. They are an exhibit in themselves.

Miklos Meszoly's poems accompany the Muriel Toulemonde's photo mounts.

Evocations of escapades in Budapest's verdant Mother Nature: fine for any day.

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