Rhodes Fine Art Graduate Show South Africa

From: G. Setti
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 15 November 2001


The Rhodes Fine art Department just opened the graduate finalist show on Tuesday 6 November. The show is still on up to 30 November. It is being held in four premises.

In the main gallery which you know are works of art for two painting and a number of print making and sculpture graduates. I think it is the first time the department is having two final painting graduates. I wonder what happened to the other ones.

In the Alumini gallery are all photography graduates. The are two other places where installation works are exhibited.

I would like to say that the show opened with pomp. There was live music and although it was a rainny evening it attracted alot of viewers particulary the younger generations, a good indication of how the young are showing interest in both creating the works of art and appreciation.

I would say both the paintings and sculptures are such a diverse. Able to speak for themselves. You can see these other paintings on paper how they have have been depicted, they are full of action. They are in the process of creation in the sense that they have laboratory funnels with paint pigment hanging which is slowly dripping on to a surface. In this process some form of painting is being created but over a period of time. This same process is being seen in the two videos of 6 minutes and 1 hr. respectively. One feels like being there to see this process repeatedly.

As for the other works: sculptures, photoraphs, installations and prints. it is the use of the colour and technique which has added what I would call the new generation. Contemporary and a step ahead but which allows room to see more new stuff in the future.

The department is having three new members of : new head, new historian, replacement of a painting/drawing and replacement of sculpture lecturers. This creates alot of speculation of how transformed the department will be, but what will be the work like?

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