La Nouvelle Athenes, rue Drouot, Mairie du 9e, Paris 9e  til 2 December

From: Remi
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 16 November 2001


During the early 19th. century when Balzac, Chopin and George Sand were creating art, a section of the 9th. quarter was known as 'The New Athens'. Burgeoning with activity. See the shots of facades and house interiors. A genuine portrait of blue-eyed Boney. Part of this show made me feel a bit funny due to a pervading aroma. Rather reminded me ghastly school lunches. But if you can put this out of your mind, you will spend an enjoyable hour here with hugely detailed churches and unusual figurines. Just to be on the safe side, though, bring a strong scent and all will be well. Exhibition divided into several rooms each with differently-coloured walls. Complimentary guided tours at 10h30 and 16h30.

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