From: Jeremy
Category: Other stuff
Date: 16 November 2001


All the fainthearts who called for a pause in the bombing should now explain their brilliant tactical reasoning. Of course it is hypocritical to use force to overthrow one of the most bigoted governments in the world, while Israel the sole democracy in the region sometimes violates the human rights of those who would drive her inhabitants into the sea.

It takes genius to use inconsistency of approach, (Q:why doesn't America unseat all unpleasant governments? A: because they do not aid groups who kill thousands of America's citizens) to justify complete inaction against theocratic mass murderers.

Fuck with America and you get fucked up. Not a bad message.

You can't win a war with air power alone: see Kosovo, also the use of a proxy force helps.

We will create thousands more terrorists. Being a terrorist is not the most relaxing of occupations, alternative jobs will be gratefully accepted.

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