Centre Culturel de Taiwan, 78 rue d' Universite.  Until 7th. December

From: Remi
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 18 November 2001


As you enter exhibition on art from Taiwan, listen to the music continually playing from loudspeakers. A gentle, cadenced beat mixed with chants. Most relaxing after the hustle n' bustle of the big bad city. Two collages of people's faces in a variety of poses. Notice some cross-overs. Some hard at work, others at play enticing you to join them. Patterns reflected amongst the personages. A boat ornament on display. Beautifully coloured costumes combined with intricate designs. Feel the electric blue. Even more vibrant than mystic blue, not quite as fairy as mellow yellow. Mundane becomes extraordinary through fishing and hunting costumes. A series of brutal mugshots setting the splendour of the ocean and grass. Study a metal helmet: it reminded me of Ned Kelly.

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