Le Musee d'Orsay, Paris,14th. November

From: Remi
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 18 November 2001


Today a strike pervaded all national museums in Metropolitan Paris so they were free for the public. Union workers asked for a small contribution. Whoever said that art was devoid of politics? Certainly not jolly Jasper Joffe. Indeed I am writing my critical pensees on the back of a strike pamphlet. The museum seems so very un-static. Everything is moving. Arnold Bocklin: til 13th Jan. Cunning sepia snapshots. Run away with the nostalgic paintings. Learnt a new word 'Pinacotheque'. I love all those words that end in 'eque', especially discotheque. They should have some day discotheques where you can go and move when you're feeling jivey. No bouncers. Classical mythology rooted in images. Today's art grounded in our own mythology. Watch out for the attendants. They watch out for you. "Le Moulage sur nature au 19eme siecle": scary sculptures. House of horrors.

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