Jasper Joffe (1975-) at the Centre of Attention Gallery, 13/9/01

From: Alf E
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 19 November 2001


There are badly-made toy boats, coca-cola cans with swastika’s and time magazine with Adolf Hitler as cover star. There are large paintings and small paintings, some of them excellent, all quickly done. There is also cheap and very nasty white wine and a bed in the corner (this is a galley-cum-livespace I guess). The small room is crowded with Art and People, and you have to move carefully in case you tread on any of it. We tend to want art to come and slap us in the face, but Joffe obliges only superficially. We want art to make us admire craft, but we’d have to look hard to find craft to admire. We want art to make us THINK, and maybe we will, later.

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