Re: Wheelchairs on buses UK: Outraged of the M.O.D

From: Major-General Sir Rupert Hythe-Bancroft VC MA(Cantab.)
Category: Other stuff
Date: 22 November 2001


Dear WWR, My comrade-in-arms, Montclair Da Silva, makes a characteristically macabre and inapropriate observation on the subject of 'wheelchairs on buses'. It is typical of such a cruel, bloodthirsty and, I might add, grossly incompetent fighting man. I was a contemporary of Air-Vice Marshall DaSilva at Sandhurst and can testify to the savage bully-boy tactics he is want to employ. I recall one Autumn morning in 1974 he sellotaped a young Private to a lame cat, covered him in Bisto, injected him with woodlouse eggs before surgically removing his hands and replacing them with lobster claws. It is when I see this psychotic monster writing such callous off-the-cuff remarks on a popular UK website, no doubt offending many wheelchair users and gutsy paraplegics, that I begin to regret letting the surly blaggard marry three of my daughters. Yours etc. Major-General Sir Rupert Hythe Bancroft VC MA(Cantab.)

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