La Pianiste (the piano teacher)

From: Naya
Category: Films
Date: 23 November 2001


Isabelle Huppert is again brilliant, she moves only one finger in a three minutes standing scene, and everything happens in that single gesture. She does not look beautiful this time, because she appears as an extremely insecure person, dressed as a very stiff piano teacher, moving as a very strict woman that lives with her crazy mother. Only once, her face covered in blood, the director makes her appealing, but that only lasts a few seconds, after which she is raped and appears like dead in her thin freckled skin. The film is psychologically hard. She suffers inside, and the guy that follows her is a horrible handsome-big-chinned-golf-driving 26 year old puppet. He understands nothing: She likes pain and doesn't know any other kind of pleasure. She eventually gets pain, and we will not know if it will be too much for her. Had she found, instead, a similarly-distressed person, they could have been happy. But he understands nothing. It is a good film. (I decided this two days after seeing it), but it is not a necessary film.

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