TEN MOST overrated Films In History

From: Jane
Category: Films
Date: 26 November 2001


Most of the overrated movies are recent because we exaggerate the value of the present relative to the past, avoiding despair. Possibly many of us are too stupid to understand or remember any films pre-1980.

1 Schindlers List: revolting piece of crap, sentimentalizing the Holocaust in every moment of its pseudoartyseriously filmed redemptive plot.

2 Star Wars: likeable children's movie.

3 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Phony love story with a little fighting.

4 The Usual Suspects: shallow and always sends me to sleep.

5 Pulp Fiction: everything stolen from Godard et al with nothing added besides hamburger stars.

6 Reservoir Dogs: see usual suspects

7 Traffic: incredibly simplistic in every way.

8 ET: sentimental children's movie.

9 Raging Bull:shit.

10 Toy Story and all of Disney: for children, not intelligent adults, ugly and gross and silly and coercive material unsuitable for children.

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