Spiga Ristorante Wardour Street London

From: JJ
Category: Other stuff
Date: 27 November 2001


Typical London restaurant: pointless, overpriced, tastefully decored, mediocre in every way, a sad shadow of real Italian food.

Why can't we learn? Never eat anything in this dirty metropolis besides kebabs, Indian, bad Chinese, or McDonalds. Yet here we are again, a big plate with a small roll of tasteless pheasant, some tasty cabbage, and a pool of polenta. What is the meaning of this food? My companion has an ok rib-eyed steak, which a Florentine would step on without noticing.

The house white is fine but subject to hyper-inflation. The torta di limone nice enough. And then it's over, unremarkable food in an ordinary setting,surrounded by silly young professionals. Fot two people one and a half course fifty five pounds. Stay away.

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