Re: addendum:most overrated films

From: Alf Garibaldi
Category: Films
Date: 29 November 2001


I'd really hate for everything that is created to be "realistic"- especially has so much more to offer!.......sentiment is a human trait we all succomb to - does that make bad art?.....well at least shawshank isn't shpeilberg circa 1982, ET is the shcmaltz sensation...and why not?.....millions of people loved that that wrong...thats the whole idea of making a big blockbuster movie...what gets me is that while ET was made to entertain....shawshank had no chance of even making it to tv had tim robbins not intervened. And the nineties were a better decade to live in than the 80's, wern't they? and my point is...oh i dunno..i'm just blathering....

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