Pinacoteca Bologna Italy

From: Rudi S
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 06 December 2001


There is one really good painting in this mediocre collection of Reni, Raphael, Giotto, Tintoretto, Carraci and mannerists. In a brown city one stands out: an early ulitima cena by the great Greek. Bravura energymarks it out from the rest of the stale fare, a pink and green checkerboard floor, a simple room with two exits, the apostles meeting each other unexpectedly edges and fringes thick or thin paint lines, a foreground figure holding it all together, Jesus's halo the negative space left by brush marking, the knives on the thrust forward table falling off its front edge. El Greco your crude genius was right. Recommended as well Majani chocolates, chocolate cherries and orange peel.

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