Modena acity in Italy

From: JJ
Category: Other stuff
Date: 06 December 2001


In Modena stands a cathedral in the middle often made nebulous by fog. It is made of bricks and austerely decorated inside, but like a giant squatting elephant it has an incongruous beauty in this conservative city.

No one in Modena is scruffy and the hues of their clothes range from gray to black with a little brown for colour, they are well served by their restaurants and bars, and generally of dark complexion and medium build. Together they make an attractive addition to their pretty city.

In the main Piazza occasionally you may see an unusual small dog, or an old man may throw a firework. Posters posted by the young pronounce the city mortally dead. The police are visible driving up and down in their cars and it is inadvisable to be seedy except for in vicinity of the railway station as usual.

Recommended dishes include Papardelle with Lepre (flat pasta with hare), bollito misto (boiled meats, tongue etc with relishes and candied fruit, not recommended for those who suffer from seasickness) careful with the wines as they can be surprisingly fizzy.

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