The India Club, 143 The Strand, London WC2

From: Josh
Category: Other stuff
Date: 12 December 2001


It feels like entering a 3 star central Cairo hotel as you mount the plastic grimy stairs that take you up to the India Club. We stop in the bar, but its deserted apart from a few Indian guys hanging around and has no atmosphere at all. Up another flight to the restaurant. Its very bright, formica tables that are way too high and make you feel like you're back at school when you sit down. Decor is appalling.

We sit down and order 8 bottles of cheap wine and beer. All the usual Anglo-Indian fare with usual interesting spellings - I opt for Chicken do Piazza, hoping for some Italian spice perhaps. Its completely bland but the vegetarian options are good. The waiters speak with a perfectly heavy Indian accent. There is an old guy sitting behind a desk facing the restaurant and writing down bills on little bits of paper. He's very friendly.

By 9 the whole place is packed with groups of young Londoners, laughing, drinking and eating in a refreshingly unprententious manner. Cost, inclusive of 1 bottle of wine: 11.

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