Christmas in England

From: KK
Category: Other stuff
Date: 16 December 2001


On the day of the birth of Jesus a couple, whose ages are around thirty, are watching garish television in a small ugly flat in London. The best moment is buying the gifts, choosing from a range of luxurious items, and fitting the item to your ill-informed idea of the recipient. Someone is cooking for many others, with many pots on the hob, many seasonal specialities that are not enjoyed by many. Another is making pompous and tedious conversation, sitting at a table for too long drinking poisonous wines and abiding by bogus standards in a nice big house in the suburban country. Lots of children were excited for weeks longing for things that do not exist, and learning patience and consumer desire. Some good chocolates may make things better, very sweet marzipan for example numbs the brain a little. On the 25th day of December we must all be together.

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