Charles Vidrac, Bibliotheque l'Heure Joyeuse, 6 rue Saint-Severin, 6e til 30 dec

From: R
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 17 December 2001


Vildrac wrote children's stories. He lived from 1882 to 1971. Pictures and portraits and presentations dotted around various rooms. Some drafted in painstaking detail. You can see a big fish jumping over a jolly roger. Corblimey! Words of wisdom: children don't want a future happiness, they want it now. Count me in. Best bit: BOOK COVERS at entrance. Don't judge them. Multitudinous styles. One might say multivarious but in the past I have been reprimanded for the utilisation of that kind of langauage. A lot of puppies, kittens, flowers, kids playing in the meadows. A lamb in the disatnce. A Taliban close up. dOG TAGS,,,,?

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