svejk restaurants in prague

From: JJ
Category: Other stuff
Date: 05 January 2002


I went to two svejk restaurants in Prague, the good soldier is the Ronald McDonald of Middle Europe. In the first the beef broth with its fragments of hard carrots burnt my mouth, and ironically made me crave a chocolate icecream in the snow. In the second the mustached beer maestro running the show made us beg to eat his terrible food. Prague's food is rightly cheap. The Italians on the train home, in a carriage full of regazzi, complained that everywhere they went they found Italians. I wonder what they seek in Prague. It's gone off you see, there isn't enough beauty to go around, and until we tourists have destroyed it completely we will not be satsified, after that we will march on the indestructible Venice. What are we looking for? Not the peasant's platter I stomached in the first Svejk restaurant, A Brueghelesque place woody and good for planning Putschs. The dumplings and ham and pork and slice of sausage were unpleasant in a pool of brown water. In the second Svejk a few lumps of tough goulashed meat clung to some more too dry dumplings. For three pounds or less you must not complain, you will eat lots of porks, you will poison your inners with many hotdogs, you will look into the dark blue sky above the river and thing the castle sounds better than it looks. Go and look at the suburbs in the snow, or just enjoy the misery as you're meant to.

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