Mulholland Drive, 7th January

From: Josh
Category: Films
Date: 07 January 2002


David Lynch back on form here with a dark, brooding, confusing noirish psycho-thriller. All the usual Lynchian trademarks - opening with car driving along dark country road scene probably a bit OTT - but the claustrophic sets and lack of air and light are still eery enough to be welcomed.

Two female leads have a bit more oomph than normal and not subject to horrible abuses which is a nice change for Lynch. Instead they get involved with each other in genuinely erotic sex scenes.

What's really different are some great jokes and subtly ironic observations on hollywood egocentricities which gives the film a bit more depth and a bit less self-indulgence than Lynch's recent flops. Also very good pace throughout and scary messy confusing identity complexes are just about interesting enough to get you talking about it afterwards. A novel exploration of power, sex, fame and personality.

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