Young Chen Chinese Restaurant Chinatown London

From: punch
Category: Other stuff
Date: 23 January 2002


The set menu enables everyone to choose a dish for 7.50 and you get free soup and lots of rice for the price. Strange combinations of pork intestines, bitter melons, squids, yams, and jelly fish are available. You wonder what lunatic kitchen would scramble such ingredients and attempt to serve such myriad combinations in the hurried restaurant environment. They cannot. The food is better than average but tastes worse than the ordinary stuff you get round I wonder what drives me to eat Chinese food again and again, some kind of msg masochism, it must be the most terrible cuisine in the world. It needs recontextualising, it has no reality, no criteria, nothing good to compare it with. What does it taste like in the home of a good cook. Still stomach churning in its upside down ingredients and watery sauces. Somewhere thrilling Chinese exists, something to uplift and challenge us, a new way, but where?

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