advenutes of Lane

From: LP
Category: Other stuff
Date: 31 January 2002


Travel Highlights- ><DIV></DIV>>London - balmy days, bountiful >birthday bashes ><DIV></DIV>>Berlin - museums, discovering the >simple pleasure of beer on a hot day ><DIV></DIV>>Cesky Kromlov (Czech Republic)- river >rafting, absinthe, good friends ><DIV></DIV>>St Tropez - French Champagne, dancing >on tables, long lunches and ><DIV></DIV>>midnight boat rides ><DIV></DIV>>Sardnia - blue water, an open road >and our speedy red Punto, basking ><DIV></DIV>>in the last rays of Summer ><DIV></DIV>>Dubrovnick (Croatia)- the beautiful >old town, the thundering rain, ><DIV></DIV>>the jazz bar ><DIV></DIV>>Zagreb - the microbiotic restaurant, >the shopping (it had been a ><DIV></DIV>>while), listening to Croatia's >version of Tina Turner pelt out the ><DIV></DIV>>hits with our friend 'Space' chanting >vocal harmonies at the same time ><DIV></DIV>>Budapest - Hotbaths and hangovers ><DIV></DIV>>Novy Smocovec (Slovakia) - the >idyllic setting, good company, ><DIV></DIV>>snowboarding ><DIV></DIV>>Innsruck - obviously the skiing! ><DIV></DIV>> ><DIV></DIV>>

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