Sandro Chia Magazzino d'Arte Moderna Rome

From: anon
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 31 January 2002


There is good painting resembling a Picasso that shows a figure with lots of faces cursorily drawn over each other. The paint is muddy and assured. Another shows a man with a double set of eyes. This device always attracts the gaze because we look so much at faces and want to decipher them. The gallery-space has been expanded and its simple almost rough look suits the canvases(old-fashioned). An embarrassingly bad crucifixion is hung high but given Chia's talent it is probably the best of them. There are sculptures suitable only to act as advanced garden furniture for the rich. And some scrappy drawings and photos of weird painted figure at tourist sites. This show made me feel a little excitement, like I was seeing the dawn of neo-expressionism, and could wonder what was coming next. What's happening?

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