From: Dan
Category: Other stuff
Date: 03 February 2002


Do it yourself. DIY. The rallying cry of the Capitalist eighties, a time which defines global existence now.

Go to the big DIY warehouse anytime of day or night Sundays etc., 24 hour shopping and work for some, economies of scale, reduced expertise, destruction of neighbourhood stores, end of artisans, and pick out something to improve your house, growing capital, gentrifying ghettos, growing the middle class city. Spend hours wandering the aisles zombie like looking for a low-paid usually ignorant employee, not a member of a union, apolitical hoping to own an house themselves oneday. Find a nail in the haystack, in a packet of seven ludicrously marked up at 3.99, sell the big stuff cheap make the profit on the small bits you need: razors and blades. Pay with your credit card with money you will never have, low interest rates, consumer credit boom, cheaper mortage payments. Bust it home in your car full of old McDonalds wrappers and toys. Do it yourself, no help from your too busy too selfish friends or family, alienation, no society, no value except for good value for money. With your autodidactic skills do it, break it, install it, put it together with the instructions written in 7 langauages and pictograms, global economy, sweatshops, bad workmanship. Grumpy yourself, bark at your girlfriend, shout at your dog, kick your shoddy walls. There it is. Done it yourself. Another .01% value added to your domus, inflation, calvinism, nearly time to move up the ladder find some more chains. DIY.

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