The Midland Hotel, AKA The Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza

From: Cary Grant
Category: Other stuff
Date: 04 February 2002


From the outside it's The Midland Hotel, a building with a fine heritage. Deep red, managing to combine the best of brick and tiling to create a very Manchester facade - grand but grim at the same time. From the inside, it's a Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza - however different the buildings are from the outside, they're all exactly the same posh but tasteless hotel from the inside. Sort of the reverse process to council houses being sold to private tenants. The Midland is located directly between the G-Mex centre and the Central Library, with a tram running alongside all three, creating a neat juxtaposition of four periods in Manchester's history. Apparently students from the library used to sneak into the hotel to perform sex acts on each other in the toilets. What was wrong with the library's toilets, I don't know. Nowadays, A&R people sneak in the toilets to snort cocaine during the annual In The City music conference. What's wrong with their en suite bathrooms, I don't know - just lazy I suppose.

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