Fayas Restaurant Thistle Hotel Lancaster Gate London

From: Fatz
Category: Other stuff
Date: 10 February 2002


This is the only joint that will accept our crummy Times restaurant tokens on a Friday night. First we arrive at another Thistle with log fires and leather armchairs, it is too good to be true, and we are turned away, told to go to the back entrance because this is the Thistle hyde Park, the other side is the thistle lancaster gate. Troop downstairs to a basement Mediterranean style, all deep blue tiles and yellow walls, home decorating circa 1987, must keep telling myself 5 for two courses, 5 for two courses.

Waiter ludicrously friendly which disarms my hautuer aggression. Some bread from a petrol station grocery is brought out accompanied by little plastic tubs of butter. I wonder which part of the Med this is inspired by, and my spirits are low again, but we order some wine which is ok but destroys the economy of this enterprise. The other diners are the sort of people you find in mediocre but overpriced hotels. Common, foreign and badly dressed disoriented. The pork chops are finished, but I am bouyed by all this ugliness. Pate from a packet is served for my starter on an enormous heavy pottery yellow plate drissled with something and bulked up by a little frizzy salad. Then I get real Salmon, not the advertised Five pound menu fishcakes which a party of 30 has finished. It is amazingly alright with some roasted vegetables and soured cream. It must be a mistake. It's all over now, eschewing coffee or the third course option, we ascend into the themed coffee bar. The waiter's words how pleased everyone was with this 5 pound offer that costs me thirty.

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