Milosevic's defence BBC News 24

From: J
Category: TV
Date: 14 February 2002


a dead girl, next, a grandmother, next says Milosevic, a severed head, next, carbonised arm, next , another fragment of body, the photos fascinate, the judge is po-faced, next another face mouth dripping dead blood, going by on TV. I think they are people killed by Nato. BBC 24 goes back to the studio, it is too much for silly us, the gray haired newsreader flustered mumbles something about disturbing pictures and we are forced to listen to a British expert telling us of Milosevic's guilt. The truth is Milosevic is guilty but the trial is unfair, and we are guilty in similar ways, but we must listen and think. Milosevic " you are making me swim 100 metres with my arms tied." His face arrogant, bad.

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