Marks and Spencers Steam Cuisine

From: Freddy
Category: Other stuff
Date: 20 February 2002


A friend of a relative sent out a tip that these ready-meal contraptions were something special. From the minute I eyeballed the piece of chicken sitting on its twisty noodles in provencal-style sauce, contained in its microwave steam apparatus, AIRPLane meal screamed at me. Rotating in its microwave, the sweet stench of steam flavouring the lounge, I could have been clotting at 10,000 feet. 6 and a half minutes later it landed on my plate. I samurai sworded the chicken which tore not cut. A little salad homemade by me, rotten tomatoes and onions in oily vinegar with some mundane rubber parmesan cheese as they say for fresh flavour. It tasted mediocre tastedless wih the addition of hot sauce was still no goog. Marks and Spencers.

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