Club 333, Friday night, Old St., London

From: Jacob
Category: Other stuff
Date: 23 February 2002


Club 333 has managed, somehow, to retain an air of Hoxton trendiness without the accompanying pretentiousness you find in other Shoreditch hang-outs. Its a young, very laid back, very relaxed crowd - new media, old media, artists and city types mix it up and seemingly get very drunk but, with the exception of a nasty little fight that was effectively broken up by very small bouncers, maintain their manners.

The 2 to 1 female to male also helped here, indeed Bar 333 might like to market its Friday nights as the 'trendiest meat market in town' such was the general feeling of abandon amongst the young ladies dancing the night away.

The layout and furniture are key to this kind of let it all go behaviour, the clapped out old loungers encouraging punters in to physical proximity, the dark lighting, chandelier, big single level dance floor and friendly drink prices creating a sweaty, sexy atmosphere. The music was absolutely terrible, seventies, eighties and nineties cheese appallingly mixed by an apparently legless DJ but somehow he got away with it given the general air of bonhomie. Hoxtonís still the coolest.

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