Leytonstone a place  in London

From: jjjjj
Category: Other stuff
Date: 25 February 2002


The only place you can still buy a house cheap that won't make you not want to walk out your door, near the Wanstead flats which give an illusion of being the edge of London, but are in fact a prelude to more crap and suburbia. A car helps if you do not want to try the buses which go only east , unaware that leytonstonians now might wish to go up west sometimes. The central line is fast and crowded, good for the shitty City. Stupid pricks who are frightened to walk through Highgate on a dark night will reply " is that in London" when you tell them where you live. Just ask them which country they come from in return. One day soon they will bidding at auctions for your house at three times what you paid, and you will be living in marylebone. Stratford, ratford, is the new big hub of lundone, and it will be quicker to get to Paris than hammersmith when the eurostar link is built. So buy quickly here,before its too late, so i can sell soon.

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