The Crescent Great Cumberland place london UK

From: Professor Fa
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 27 February 2002


We arrived univited and unexpected by this funereal fancy hotel restaurant. The maitre'd spotting us questioned the veracity of my booking, his computerized system never fails, but could not face the scene he saw on my face. This 5 for two course restaurant offer must be giving them nervous breakdowns, our party looked scruffy at best, belligerent and psychopathic at worst. The House wine is a bargain at 17. We probably cut their profit down a little with our over-large plates of small offerings. We sat on a circular table in the middle of the mirrored and trompe l'oeiled room, green and kinda cosy. No one took our coats. The staff, underpaid but courteous and very attentive with the wine in an ice bucket, seemed almost to enjoy the spectacle we made swearing and enjoying good value.

The food, The food. average not really that good, boring fishy mousse in salmon to start, swordfish failing to cut on a sweet potao mash which was better, pudding: strong coffee chocolate mousse which was about the best thing. Others had quite nice beef stroganoff, a tedious pancake with brie, and maybe a goats cheese salad was that was another time?I wonder what they spat in? Or maybe that's just for the full price diners murmurring in their pearls. Or maybe they're just rich cheapskates? Questions? Total price per person three courses plus wine 12 !!

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