spicy and sweet Brick Lane London

From: j
Category: Other stuff
Date: 01 March 2002


looks like a cafeteria, and none hassles you to eat there, so I thought it might be one of those good unknown places, as usual every other bourgeois critic knowsabout it and believes it has gone off, or that the prices have gone up. Still this simulacrum of an asian soup kitchen, with asian wrestling memorabilia on the walls, self-service service, and a fridge of cold drinks at the front, will convince most postmodernists that they're on to something. I ate the fish curry, that seemed to have a complex set of flavours making up for too many bones and the skin left on, it may have been really good or just off. I was fascinated by a group of teachers or the like, discussing the soothing pain of their lives with men. This place is better than elsewhere.

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