Anadolu Turkish Kebab Restaurant 117 Kingsland Road London

From: jjjjjj
Category: Other stuff
Date: 03 March 2002


There seemed to be a lot of people engaged in frenetic activity to no result. The baker was making dozens of pizzas which looked delicious but were destined for an unknown stomach. The grillman had a lot of skewers in the fire, but rarely took one off. The waitresses hovered anxiously exhorting the men to get on with things, or elaborately garnishing plates. The front man was most harrassed, unable to cope with the takeaway customers, forgetting to ask for orders and confused by which bread to put the meat or houmus in.

But when I bit into my small lamb shish, I knew that this culinary pantomime was actually a magic show. Through sleight of hand and misdirection they had created one of the best kebabs of recent years. The bread, thickish not a wrap or pitta, a little doughy and very fresh absorbing the juices, rolled round tender moist grilled lamb, salad, onions, chili. Perfect an alchemy of dough and meat which haunts one with its memories of Ottoman.

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