antiwar demonstration Trafalgar Square London

From: Rudi Scholl
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 03 March 2002


The demonstrators were against a Western war on Iraq, against the bombing of Afghanistan, for the Palestinan Intifada, for peace, against Imperialism, against President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. One cartoon carried about by the demonstrators showed the two leaders giving birth to a baby with amputated legs called Afghanistan. There were 20,000 protestors according to the speakers. They nearly filled Trafalgar Square. Speaches included one by MP George Galloway who in incendiary terms claimed that war with Iraq would cause fire in the region( middle-east) which would burn the puppet governemnts of the US. Other speakers mentioned western hypocrisy and racism, Muhammed Ali, "Me , We" and most often the argument that war is wrong and does not work. There was a good cartoon not for sale of Osama Bin Laden fucking bush or Blair from behind. Socialist workers and anarchists were the most prominent political groups. The National Gallery was closed during the rally. A show of Dutch cows in landsacpes is on at the moment.

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