From: per J
Category: Other stuff
Date: 12 March 2002


Like skiing for poor people. Buy a travelcard from a tout, flouting the law, two pounds for your day out. Look in the bin for a newspaper, my friend caught me doing this once and it guarantees a free dinner. Rip out the Sun token, one pound free bet on the Cheltenham races. Rush to Ladbrokes, blow your tiny wad at 50p each way on a no hoper in a handicap, presto someone's left another sun in the bookies, rush around looking for a another magic sign. See London, exercise, gamble, gambol, meet the people. Chinatown Ladbrokes full of Chinese. Poshtown Ladbrokes full of posh. Soho Ladbrokes quite quiet and sad. Take your winnings and get a hit of msg. Take the day off work tomorrow and work harder at being lazy and poor. Skinting.

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