Love an art exhibition 14 Wharf Road London

From: Olivia Rush
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 16 March 2002


I was pleased to see a sniff of New York reaching London in this warehousy show fortuitously located next to Victoria Miro. Everyone kept saying Look at that Larry Poons, How did they get that? I don't really care about Larry and didn't have an answer.It was more of a painting show than a Love show. What would a love show be? Having a room constructed in the middle of the room worked well, keeping the crowds moving round it, and making more wall space. The work was a pleasant mishmash of figurative and abstract, large and small, installation and easel painting. I got stuck next to the beers talking my head off, so didn't see much, can't say that painting is back, but it is still less ugly than most things. If every week there were two shows like this then some progress might be made.

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