Holloway Rd Odeon 20.3.02 Wed

From: Dave Stinge
Category: Films
Date: 20 March 2002


Not so much a review this, but anyway...went to take some CD's back to Library (10 for 2.70 per fortnight...bargain, speshly if you have CD burner...good selection of music at Islington libraries) but was closed, so went to Cinema, paid 6.40 to see Royal Tenenbaums, Screen 8, back of building, no one checked my ticket (5/10. Cool soundtrack, nice to hear Nick Drake in there). Film ends, pop in to screen 7 next door due to absent ticket person, waited 10 mins, watched Beautiful Mind (3/10. Cheesy, scmaltzy...But great twitchy, sweaty schitzoism by Crowe). Film ends, hmm...screen six...halfway through Monsters inc. watched the rest of that. Went for a piss. went home. Bargain!

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