In the Bedroom a film

From: JJ
Category: Films
Date: 27 March 2002


God I Hate Mainestream America. The clutter of tasteful junk, the self satisfied lives lived in wooden houses, the podgy middle-class communities disguising that they are at apex of the purest capitalist most exploitative and dominant society that has ever existed, without existential doubt. No murder or mayhem can change anything about these barbarians. A dull little movie, filmed in a way people call beautiful, but which is long on documentary shots of light falling on worn objects or faces, but short on imagination. This kind of twee realism makes me want to scream, it loves its own restraint, it worships itself without ever examining its fundamental falsehood. Then it is praised by the stupid critics because it seems less stupid than the usual plotless hollywood spectacles, it is nominated for many prizes, seen by many discerning bourgeoiss, but it should be despised for what it is. It is the culmination of mediocrity and ignorance of history, morality, and aesthetics.

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