From: Olivia Rush
Category: Other stuff
Date: 28 March 2002


Ceaseless yearning for satisfaction confused with the addiction of consumption. We are stuck with all the old dualisms: sadness-happiness, ugly-beautiful, work-leisure. Opposites are a linguistic invention to structure the emptiness, they allow us to feel pain and pleasure, keeping evolution going. The holiday is where we face the abyss, walking and walking in circles though pretty streets searching for icecreams, lunch, dinner, some nice gifts. Knowing that we should be happy, the sun shines our bellies are full of good food, but the endorphines, the chemistry, is weaker than our ability to despair at the boredom of pleasure and leisure. Fear not, the truth is we were made for this, we must decide now on the next revolution, which will not seem like one.

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