trevor Mcdonald ass licks George W Bush

From: Alf Garibaldi
Category: TV
Date: 05 April 2002


I'm watching an interview between Trev and George and i can't believe the sycophantic inanities that trev calls questions. Is this "News"?. George says ..with the help of the western world we are going to get rid of saddam cos he's creating weapons of mass destruction...what?? you mean the ones like we in the west have?. to make a simple analogy...Isn't that a bit like a playground bully saying "I've got some great felt tips, and if you get some some, I'm gonna beat the shit out of you" absolute propaganda if ever I saw matter how terrible 9/11 was, the arrogant western world needs to recognise the relevance and power of other cutures and I think George and his cronies are like cowboys kicking indian ass. Wild West on a grand scale.

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