Roland Cafe Bratislava Slovakia

From: J
Category: Other stuff
Date: 06 April 2002


The bill came to around 6 euros for a deluxe breakfast, a piece of strudel, and a melange coffee-a kind of viennesse coffe with whipped cream. The deluxe starts with a a choce of a melange, tea, or hot chocolate, and an orange juice .Then some ham and eggs, the eggs with that freshness that reminds you of why they are so good, the ham fried in the same pan, and garnished with chives and tomato, which show that the garnish once had some reason. Next bread with honey and jam and butter. That is it. You were sitting looking out onto one of Bratislavas main squares, in an artdecoey kind of place, with frighteningly efficient service, which makes you feel like you are getting even more than your moneys worth. The cakes are pretty in their case, eat them all, each one costs less than a euro, you realise this is one of the most elegant cafes in Bratislava which once was capital of the austrohungraian empire. You tourists could eat them all, their whole country if you wanted, like you ate prague. Why not, eat everthing its less than half the price of home. Soon they will only be allowed to eat burger kingspizza hut, and segafredo coffe, and we can move on to our next destruction.

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