HRH The Queen Mother, Queen Elixabeth, The Nation's nana

From: BJ
Category: Other stuff
Date: 09 April 2002


Does anyone know what year she last had sex. Was there an incestuous relationship between her and Charles? Why was he so upset? How unusual is it for a rich person to live to 100? I am amazed she stayed in london during the blitz, how brave can you get? And all the people she was paid to be friendly to. Do you know she was quite human? A million gawpers watched her funeral procession, who counted them? Did anyone keep track of the appalling cliches and sentimental language, mangled metaphors of the tv commentators? How much did all the crap and flags cost our servile nation? Was she the most important figure of the last 100 years, perhaps i would rate her second only to Liza minelli.

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