From: bb
Category: Other stuff
Date: 16 April 2002


I found the mouse dead in the trap under the counter next to the cooker. The wire had snapped shut on its nose, extinguishing the mouse's life as it went for the hard mozarella. Any impact to the head by the wire seems to be able to finish a mouse off. Disposing of it with my gloved hands I attempted to remove a little bloody tissue that had hardened onto the wooden base of the trap. I used some of my spit to assist the operation. Then in the bright morning sunshine I noticed that on the trap was written "Lucifer, made in France", and there was a website address "www.lucifer.t?" the last character not distinguishable. My spit, fluid of my body, had mixed with my mouse victim's viscera, on the altar of death named lucifer. I hurried to clean my saliva from the trap with some running water, hoping it was not too late.

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