NHS nihilism

From: OR
Category: Other stuff
Date: 17 April 2002


It's terrible, the hospitals are going down the tubes. More money won't do any good, they'll just waste it on bureaucrats. This tax increase is a disgusting perfidy. The only way to improve the NHS is to reform it, privatise it, make it answer to the market, so we get our money's worth. Like BT, British Steel, Railtrack, nothing will work, don't throw your money down the drain, it's our money,the only thing to do is destroy it. Get rid of the whole National Health Service, no more living in cloud cuckoo land, or they'll be taking 90 per cent of our money to give to the Health Unions or the Trust managers. Grow up: you can't make things better by throwing money at them. The reality is we must learn from experience, remember the 70s, it's no good, start gain, teach it a lesson, break it up, get it moving. End the crap old NHS!!!

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