Gerbeaud Cafe Budapest Hungary

From: RS
Category: Other stuff
Date: 20 April 2002


These famous cafes are often quite pleasant places to catch up with ones fellow tourists. Gerbeaud's setting is fine, looking out to a busy square that was lively on my visit with political ralliers, the interior is decorated in familiar manner, aiming for mirrored opulence, but falling short even if by no means shabby with its newly recovered seats. Since 1858 they have been making cakes which accounts for their dryness, my dobostorte was uninspiring, underneath its cracking brittle caramelised sugar, the cake was not moist enough, the chocolate cream cheap tasting, its chocolate Gerbeaud label must have felt ashamed to rest on it . The alcoholised coffee was weak and watery, and someone's baby took all the attention. Still you can't hate the place as the sun goes down, the music keeps playing, and the sugar hits the brain.

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