Bloody buskers and beggars on the tube London

From: Hoboho
Category: Other stuff
Date: 29 April 2002


They have this new tactic, the little earnest fucking soliloquy to the noisily hushed full tube carriage. " Hello. Thanks for listening. I know you hear this a lot, and i don't like doing this, but I need 5 for a night shelter." or a new act for drunken friday nights: " I had my wallet stolen, this the police report, and I need any money you can spare for a taxi" one sucker gave her a fiver." These little speeches are like telesales speeches, and the actors giving them would be better off usding their gumption to make some serious money in the city. I hate them because they're so full of self-aware pathos and guiltmongering, they make me sick. Today:" iam not drunk or mad, maybe i'm mad, and I don't like begging, so i am going to try and play you something on my harmonica." No shut up! Fuck off to Africa where people don't have the opportunity to guilt-trip the passengers on the shitty sticky underground.

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