Gerald Finzi's Cello Concerto

From: KT
Category: Other stuff
Date: 08 May 2002


I picked up a copy of the Naxos recording of the Cello concerto last week and thought '4.75, worth a go'. Well, it's wonderful. What a powerful and deep piece of music. He pours out his frustration with his long illness into the first movement, with a trademark theme of wide intervals, stepwise accompaniments and heavy brass interjections, followed by a lyrical but strained slow movement and one of the best 20th century interpretations of rondo form I have heard as a finale.

Having played in an amateur orchestra rendition of Finzi's Clarinet Concerto a while ago and been impressed with the power and delicacy of the composition, then depressed by his 'New Year Music' at January 2000, I was ready for anything. Such a great shame he died so young and didn't leave us more.

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