the bold and the beautiful

From: keevans
Category: Films
Date: 09 May 2002


Ooh what a loverly space..which..quite overwhelmed the work, loverly space in a loverly setting. Perhaps the work needed a bit of a more urban (urbane?) setting. I liked the straight edged TRON paintings in felt tip on aluminium (or something) and the incredibly controlled ,time consuming, precise (bland?) wiggly carpet drawings by akiko. something for everyone?. I liked the little buildings laid out across the floor...mmm a bit too familiar though. jessop gets more graphic and symbolic, joffe gets more squiggly with hidden dogs (on sparkly PVC). Everyone I talked to (not a lot) gave the hanging little red voodoo carrie doll things on mini coathangers top marks.

It;s a trek to Mile End....but what else were u gonna do tonight?

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