Re: the bold and the beautiful

From: Tanaquil
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 09 May 2002


Never been to Mile End before. Sign outside Tube rather disconcerting: beware of muggers. Hmm. So trek to park, feel like I'm being followed - maybe they've seen I've got Trendy Young Artist written all over me. They'd be wrong. Speed up. Get there. Mugging-land disppears, beautiful people appear. Beautiful spaces - one empty, tightly controlled; the other riotous, busy, packed, claustrophobic. Phew, at least can escape to the massive, cool loos. Art fab - esp squiggly stuff and (in other gallery) house-scape. A lot of it makes me laugh. Hope it's meant to. Well done JJ and co. PS Red Bull - very good of them to sponsor show - brownie points. But I ride home on bus wondering and wondering - what does that taste remind me of. Hit Highbury before it hits home: penicillin.

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