Matisse Picasso

From: RS
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 13 May 2002


Yve-alain Bois's Matisse and Picasso book makes the argument for their mutual development much better than this show, but it does not matter because they look good together, instead of being bored by the repetition of a single artist's vision, we have Picassos to rest our eyes before we are astonished by another Matisse. Why not pair Matisse and Goya, or Picasso and Picabia, or Magritte and Mondrian and Monet and Mantegna, really good art is true and sui generis and therfore cannot logically be curated thematically or any other way, but our stupid brains can still be be pleasured by variation. Dumb critics write about Matissse the colourist etc, Picasso the innovator, they suggest Picasso might be better than Matisse. They should open their eyes, stop using outdated coneceptual frameworks for ensnaring painting in clumsy words, and understand the immutable truth, once everything is done, painting stays there with Matisse at its summit.

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